Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Rides

Spent the first few days just riding around the apartment complex, getting used to getting the bike through security doors, feeling the bike out a bit. 


Found my old account on Map My Ride:

Downloaded the app for my iPhone.

First rides are all a mix of riding, walking, and looking around!

Sat 28 Sept 13: 2.84 mi (41:28)  

Took some pics and posted them on Facebook:

Sun 29 Sept 13: 2.91 mi (33:28):


1 comment:

  1. Nice maps and photos. That's quite a little hill you have going for you too. I am on and off the bike here lately since I am not working. Just now I am on again because I have jury duty and no way am I dealing with parking at the County Building!

    I wish I could come visit and rent a bike and ride around with you. Maybe next year . . .